Always When I Need It

There are no accidents, Mary.

If it’s appeared on your life radar, this is why: to teach you that dreams come true; to reveal that you have the power to fix what’s broken and heal what hurts; to catapult you beyond seeing with just your physical senses; and to lift the veils that have kept you from seeing that you’re already the person you dreamed you’d become.

And believe me, that was one heck of a dream.

The Universe


I do believe every soul arrives on Earth with a mission.

A roadmap.

A not-so-detailed chart of the struggles and lessons we present to our own selves to get through in one lifetime.

I believe we are precisely where we need to be. We are exactly who we are supposed to be- moment by moment.

And this faith has helped shape the person I am. Accept the challenges, stay humble to the blessings, and- above all- carry myself into the dawn of each day with the belief that if things are terrible, they will improve. If things are beautiful, there may be challenges.

One of my favorite movies when I was young was “Anne of Green Gables”. Her mentor and teacher said to her;

“Tomorrow is always new. With no mistakes in it”

And I’ve witnessed the fact that things always look brighter in the morning.

Cheers to “no accidents”.



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