Beauty and the Beast

I’m really not in a bitter mood over love. Really!

I’m in a curious place right now. A really good place.

I DO think it’s funnycuzitstrue that there are so many tags and photos blaming Disney for women’s unrealistic expectations of love and relationships:

Take my favorite Disney movie of all time- Beauty and the Beast. What did Belle’s journey really teach us?

Love can change men.

That under that hairy, abusive, controlling monster is a handsome and tender prince. That the biggest adventure in life is falling in love.


Love doesn’t change anything about anyone. If one happens to change when a new relationship starts and (god willing) happens to change for the better…

…perhaps it just the Universe’s way of showing that individual (who was ready for a change) the incentive of living a better life.

Maybe Beauty and the Beast and/or Han Solo (moment of silence for Star Wars original trilogy) is responsible for my delusional attraction towards “bad boys”. Maybe it’s a Daddy issue. Maybe it’s C’est La Vie because I am where I am and I can’t be in more than one place.

“All Signs Lead to Disaster”. Blinders on. Skipping down the trail. With Kevin I never even looked for an emergency exit.

You can take home a baby tiger.

Love it, raise it.

Feed it at every meal and hold it through the night.

You can train him and talk to him. Treat him like a human. Give it everything you can.

But when that tiger turns on you, as the risk was always there, you cannot blame the tiger. For followings its instincts.

And don’t expect sympathy from anyone else. Because they all worried about your safety and your carelessness…loving tigers.

Sure, some may be shocked. That ones that were there, who stood by during the infancy, who witnessed the bond.

But still, they’ll sadly admit, “What can one expect from a tiger?”

And what if you were the friend or family member of above-mentioned tiger lover? Someone who watched this person struggle through the attack- but made it out alive. And what if, then, you watched that person walk right back into the tiger’s den?

This tiger may be different, but their stripes are all the same. Screaming, “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got!!!”

What is the difference between being mauled- whether or not you expected it?


9 thoughts on “Beauty and the Beast

  1. This reminds me of a story,
    It was raining and the ground was getting soaked, a scorpion was on one side of a gully trying to get to the higher other side. His only hope was a frog,
    Scorpion:take me across this gully please
    Frog: No, you will sting me
    Scorpion: no I will not, if I do that we both will drown and I do not want to die so I promise, I will keep myself from doing it.
    Frog: Ok, if you promise
    In the middle of the swim across, the scorpion stung the frog, and on the way down
    Frog: You promised, now look I am dying and you are drowning
    Scorpion: Sorry, I could not help it, it is just in my nature, even at the expense of my life.

      • It is ironic that you made the beast a Tiger because in the Asian Culture, a Tiger is a representation of a female. Remember always keep your head high knowing that some where out there is a Beast that you can tame and that can tame you:)

  2. Yup. Disney mumbo jumbo. Disney is as much of an institution as politics, religion and medicine, validating the same delusional mindset that upper/middle class white men are the end-all, be-all of everything. Did you write that poem yourself sis? About tigers. Good one.

  3. Yes, My sweet cousin….It is hard to watch you go down the same roads. Always wanting more, always knowing that you want more…….But I love you and I pray for you and I hope with all that I am and all that I can offer that you will have everything that you deserve, which is EVERYTHING you dream of! XOXO

    • Thank you cousin! Thanks for standing by in both good and bad moments. And for never telling me “I told you so!”. I love you.

  4. Mary, You should check out The Saturday Night Live skit called “Real Housewives of Disney”, it is great.

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