Friday Night

My Favorite Friday night does not involve booze or bars or heels or strangers.

Friday night is when I can take a deep breath, stop the wheels from turning, take down the spinning plates I manage throughout the week. Pat myself on the back for what I’ve accomplished and remain gracious for having made it through another week.

Friday night means quiet. No phone calls to return or obligations to fulfill.

I need the solitude. It rejuvenates me. I need my peace. My space. My thoughts, always running rampant, are accustomed to the shut off on Friday nights.

I like watching movies with Trin in our underoos on Fridays. I like laughing out loud all by myself on I like letting the dishes pile up and keeping my phone on vibrate and not worrying or wondering what or if I’m missing out.

If this is “getting old” I’ll take it. Because life is quality, not quantity. And quality, to me, is feeling at peace with your own self for company.


2 thoughts on “Friday Night

  1. love you and totally understand this post. ❤ (specifically the iwastesomuchtime comment… thanks for pulling me on the bandwagon!)

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