Sometimes doing what is right is not what is easy. Sometimes you want to keep what is comfortable and familiar because you are afraid of the unknown. Sometimes it’s easier to have someone- anyone- beside you because you don’t want to feel alone. Better to bear the path with someone else so that, if failure is the outcome, you can only own fifty percent of the blame.

Sometimes the sheer possibility of anything and everything is so frightening that you want to keep your anchor. Tie down to what may sink you in the end. The oyster of opportunity is scary if your head is full of sharks.

Sometimes courage means that you will trust yourself to do what is right even if it’s not easy. Sometimes it’s making the decision even without having all the answers.

Courage is deciding that, even if you go about it alone, you will own your own mistakes and accept your own defeats.

Or maybe you will spread your wings and soar.


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