Moms and Notmoms

Brand conference.

I’m always so amazed by our conferences. Never has another organization been blessed with such intelligent, talented and beautiful women.

Women that have business acumen down pat, foster strategic thinking, and still manage to support and celebrate one another.

It’s aspirational and it’s empowering. We talk a lot about the emotional connectedness of our brand and I think about my own relationship with this incredible company that’s groomed me. I’ve been raised here.

It’s like returning home.

The main thing that struck me today is the several conversations I’ve had with peers whom I know and respect. Women who are savvy and fashionable and amazing. Women who are happily married. Women who are happily single.

Women who have made the decision to not be mothers.

It may sound dated and old fashioned, but I can honestly say that I appreciate being in an environment where, when a woman says she doesn’t plan to have children, that attitude is received and unquestioned. I’m surprised this is how I feel given other environments.

When women talk about their choice to remain single, no one assumes its because there is something wrong with their programming.

These women are successful and well-educated and well travelled. People don’t assume their lives are empty because of a lack in traditional “family life”.

And I feel surer than ever that, regardless of whether or not I raise Trinity remarried or all on my own, I will lack nothing in fulfillment and happiness.

Happiness is self created. I’ve got the right stuff, baby.



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