I know I’m three months early…but the fact that

1.) Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte is now available


2.) It was 88 degrees today after noon

means that Fall is definitely coming.

And the event coordinator in me wants to plan my birthday!!!

I’ll be 27 years old…about the same number of gray hairs I’ve discovered in the past year (frightening).

Growing up I hated that my birthday shared the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. I always felt forgotten.

Now it’s kind of a nice thing…my scattered friends and family make their way home and it’s a good excuse to catch up and booze and hug each other and reminisce on old times.

It’s a little cray, but this year I will throw a masquerade! Anyone and everyone is invited…and we will bask in our beauty, youth and glory and I’ll blow out my candles and let the smoke wander and cover a year that flew by, intertwined with both love and loss, and set a spark to a new year.






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