Seeing Red

I am seeing red!

Both literally and figuratively.

Red profile pictures have overrun my wall as the Human Rights Campaign is raising awareness across social media outlets regarding marriage equality. Red boxes with an equal sign means you support marriage equality.

Why now? This week the Supreme Court hears testimony against the validity of CA Prop 8 and the constitutionality of the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). Both laws, in laymen’s terms, seek to discount same-sex marriages or exclude same-sex partners from receiving federal benefits provided to married couples. The outcome of these hearings will set a precedent for the acceptance or continued aberration of the gay community.

My heart and mind see red in a fury of frustration behind anyone’s stance that this argument is about anything other than civil rights.

Very few of my FB friends openly express opinions against same sex marriage. Likely because the backlash from those supporting the issue would overwhelm. While I do not wish to bad mouth the religious beliefs of others, I canNOT understand how providing equal rights to US citizens is a violation of Gods will.

I cannot agree with a political policy that creates a “second class citizenship” among our gay parents, children, siblings and grandparents. I cannot wrap my mind around an argument that explains why thousands of benefits are denied (social security survivor or spousal benefits, spouses of federal employees, bi-national couples, veteran partner benefits, inheritance tax… The list goes on and on) to citizens of this country.

What is the valid argument behind the proponents of keeping DOMA in place?

What factual evidence do we have that tells us that our homosexual neighbors are “less than” in the eyes of our government?(A government in which over 30 thousand workers have a same-sex partner, btw).

What many are seeing on the surface is something they “don’t like”. Something that makes them “uneasy”. Didn’t African Americans make some uncomfortable at one point? What a regrettable piece of our history that was. How long will we continue to oppress men and women because of discomfort?

How do people become so righteous in the eyes of their God that they can look another human being in the eye and say “you don’t deserve…because God didn’t want this”? The God I honor and pray to created us all-with minds and souls and hearts and thoughts and the ability to love and the need to be loved back.

And what does God really have to do with this argument? Our nations founding fathers created this government and a “guarantee to all citizens equal protection of the law”.

It’s time to honor that message.



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