Waking up on Easter morning without Trinity felt so quiet and empty. This was my first holiday that fell on her dad’s custodial weekend and it felt strange and new and sad.

So I forced myself to remember this feeling must be how he feels on the many occasions that he is not waking up to the face of his excited child.

Divorce is hard no matter how you dice it. And luckily for us we have a managed to come to a place where things aren’t ugly. Where we communicate and we get a long and Trinity knows that we love her dearly and deeply and wholly.

And although its seldom now, I am forced into remembering how my life’s course can’t be controlled through ignorant bliss and denial. If I sit on a low rung of the accountability ladder (hope and wish is typically where I’ve been known to frequent) with my rose-colored lenses its simply a matter if time before the truth presents itself.

What I have to remember is to live truthfully and honestly and with kindness towards myself. Accept what is, what isn’t, and embrace the idea that anything can happen and something amazing will happen. And for all the challenges I’ve been presented, I have a armful of blessings too.

And with that attitude, I had a really productive day. Some hard core cleaning (I even dusted my fans), healthy eating, and catching up with friends I haven’t spent time with in ages.

I feel well rested and organized and ready to tackle a new week. Happy Easter, all.



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