“Allison and Meia said they don’t want to sit next to someone who eats mayonnaise”, Trin tells me this morning.

This statement comes completely out of the blue, as we are racing (hot chocolate and coffee in hand) from my office to drop her off at school on time.

Without skipping a beat, I ask her,

“What do you eat mayonnaise with, baby?”

“My chicken patty”, she says.

I get the visual. Trinity’s favorite thing to eat during lunch is a chicken sandwich. I’ve seen her eat them before. She likes to take the bread off completely, and break the patty into little bits. She must have discovered the mayonnaise after I last watched her eat this.

I’m trying not to gag and shudder as I see her dipping little, torn bits of chicken, held with greasy little fingers, into a mayonnaise pool on her tray and happily popping them into her mouth.

I totally agree with Meia and Allison. I wouldn’t want to watch that either.

I am about to tell her so…when I stop myself.

Instead I say,

“Mayonnaise is not the healthiest choice to be dipping your chicken in, honey. But you tell Allison and Meia that you are who you are, and you like what you like, and they don’t have to agree with you.”

I take this opportunity to talk about peer pressure,

“School can be hard because there are times you might think that everyone is supposed to look the same, act the same, and like the same things. But life isn’t like that. Just be who you are. You were made just right.”

She’s forgotten the whole issue by the time I drop her off. She kisses me and skips away.

I remember when I was little, I used to eat mayonnaise sandwiches too.





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